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PacificWest is proud to offer Invisalign, braces and other effective orthodontic treatments at affordable prices to help you fix such challenging dental problems as misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and more.

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To ensure both our staff and patients remain safe during your treatments, we have implemented the following protocols, including personal protective equipment, hand sanitation stations.

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Our team of orthodontists in Surrey is commited to provide the best-in-class braces and Invisalign treatments.
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Professionals That Truly Care

Orthodontists at PacificWest care. We attentively listen to your concerns to assist with formulating a treatment plan that will help you to achieve your goals.

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Effective Treatment Options

Our team has the expertise you need to address even your most complex alignment and bite problems. We provide you with an assessment of your orthodontic needs and to craft an effective treatment plan to help resolve them.

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Trustworthy Reputation

With over 26 years of successful service in Surrey, you can have confidence that our orthodontic professionals have the experience you need to help you realize your perfect smile.

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Proven Technologies

We offer additional treatment options that can minimize pain and speed up the treatment so you can get an ideal smile in record time.

Meet Our Doctors

PacificWest Dental Group is a team of orthodontic specialists who are dedicated to providing our patients with high quality orthodontic care with the most modern and updated technology available.

Our team of orthodontic professionals makes it our mission to deliver exceptional and personal quality patient care. Your complete satisfaction is of great importance to us. 

Conditions We Treat

Each patient is an individual, and thus, each treatment plan is customized and completely unique. We have successfully used braces and Invisalign to treat these conditions.


Crowded teeth are seen in mouths where the jaw bone is too small, causing the teeth to overlap. When this occurs, the teeth appear crooked and misaligned, and the bite can be negatively impacted.

Irregular Spacing

When teeth are not the ideal size and shape, irregularities in spacing can occur. This can also be problematic when some teeth are missing, leaving gaps and causing teeth to shift.

Open Bite

Open bite refers to the condition when one tooth or a whole segment of teeth fail to touch one another when biting.

Under Bite

An underbite occurs when the teeth on the lower jaw is positioned more forward than the teeth on the upper jaw. It is often due to an underlying discrepancy of the size of the upper and lower jaw bones.

Over Bite

An overbite is the opposite of an underbite, the upper teeth and jaw extend over the teeth on the bottom jaw. This condition is sometimes referred to as having buck teeth. An overbite typically occurs when the upper and lower jaw bones are of different sizes. Most often, the lower jaw bone is too small.

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You can only gain so much knowledge about braces and Invisalign from reading on Reddit or watching YouTube videos. Come into the office and hear from the doctors about what difference we can make on your smile!

Reduced Pain and Faster Results

PacificWest stays current on the most effective orthodontic technologies to ensure you achieve your dental outcomes with a minimum of pain and time.

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